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Thread: Boss serial number year?

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    Default Boss serial number year?

    Looking at a used Boss 7'6" power V plow. The serial number is 94707. Looking to find out what year this plow was made. A new Power V XT plow on the lot has a serial number of 150643 so I am thinking the used plow has some age. The used plow has an older lamp system and does not have the flared blades. Also wondering what a fair price is for this plow with a new undercarriage.

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    To get the exact year you’d have to call the factory and they’d check their cheat sheet. But if you have some pics we can probably give you a general age range based on what it does or doesn’t have.

    The 7.6 V’s don’t have quite the value of their bigger brothers as the used demand usually isn’t there so keep that in mind but condition is also a biggy as far as what to pay. So again pics would help.

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