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The guys at zoning are saying that as of the new year, the rules (oh revised code) will be even more restrictive.

Jarret, you sound like me 2 months ago. Angry and illogical. If you need it and can afford it, just spend the money. You cant take it with you. What size are you budgeting 25k for?
We need it. Can I afford it? Well with all the hoopla they want us to jump through, I'm probably going to have to pick between the hoop shed and a bigger bark blower. Which is an extremely difficult decision because they will both give us a similar return on investment.

I was planning on a 36x48. 10k for building and end wall, 5k for concrete, finishing tool rental, and form material, 3k for base material and compactor rental, and 7k for the block. I dont even have labor in that 25k figure. Since I've never done any of this before I'm assuming somewhere in the 250 man hour range. It's just extremely frustrating that they have to take something that is extremely simple and complicate the piss out of it for no good reason that I can see. But yet if I were building it to store hay for our dairy cattle, or my wife's horses, they couldn't give two f ucks less what I do or how I do it.

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